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VIPS College is a co-education institute in different fields like Management, commerce, education, computers, nursing & many more. VIPS College offers Bachelors Degree & Diploma in various subjects .The Institute provides healthy educational environment for the students .The institute is affiliated to jiwaji University, Gwalior.

Founder Message

It is a multidisciplinary institution  and it also ensures that the students   have ready access to a wide range of academic materials... Sports and other co-circular activities are encouraged and the student are given every form of support to develop their talents in all fields. Our students are encouraged to widen their knowledge base and study beyond the confines of the  syllabus . This is evidenced by the extensive library facilities in the college ,both physical and virtual. In this age of technology, knowledge is just a click away and we ensure that every student of the college has only the best of technology at his/her disposal. the comfort and health of the student community ,both mental and physical, are given almost importance..

Director Message

Our college is given only the best of infrastructure.Students are  encouraged to build character through sport and other physical and  spiritual developmental  activities like yoga and also given ample opportunities  to hone their talents in cultural field like dance and music. we believe in  the complete development of our students and encourage them by providing  the best of incentives and infrastructure. our staff is adequately  equipped to guide students in the right direction in all fields of study and  co-curricular activities too. Our students are protected from external disturbances, thus ensuring that they get the maximum advantage of the best time of their lives to study and evolve.